Starfish Mission is a pioneering hub for the blockchain community - founded by the Starfish Network. We are dedicated to creating spaces and learning opportunities for the community which inspires us; to change commerce, communication and governance, effectively upgrading the operating system of our world.

Why Starfish? Starfish are decentralized, resilient organisms with no central control unit. All the arms communicate with each other to decide where to move next. 

 We are Starfish. You are Starfish.


20+ COMMUNITY Events Per Month

In Partnership with local Bay Area community leaders, we host over 20 leading industry events per month. We are hub for people to learn, grow and connect on the daily. 

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 No extra fees, no long-term lease, no deposit. Fixed desks in downtown SF for 650$ monthly, and team offices starting at 2250$ month. Floating desks memberships for only 450$ (no 24/7 access). Perks and exclusive access to community resources.


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INdustry Training For Developers and Leaders

For Devs: Learn to code in Solidity and build your own tokens. Learn Hyperledger.
For Investors and Businesses: Learn Blockchain Technology to understand your market, and how to apply it in your business.

Visit us every Tuesday at 1230pm, or Friday at 530pm for an open Tour (RSVP LinK)


Starfish Mission - By Starfish Network

1535 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA