Blockchain Developer for Open Source Project


TapTrust, Inc. is hiring a Solidity/dApp developer to contribute to a new open-source project that is expected to significantly improve the accessibility and security of the Ethereum network for many thousands of its users.  This role is full-time and will provide competitive salary, equity and benefits. 

You should have experience with smart contract development, and have at least basic familiarity with some of the various innovations being explored (state channels, PoS, etc.), and relevant frameworks such as Truffle and web3.js. 


* 2+ years in software engineering

* Experience creating Ethereum smart contracts

Please send resume and cover letter to and include the following:

* Links to your online presence (GitHub, LinkedIn, personal website, etc)

* A brief overview of your work history

* Any public open-source projects you have contributed to, or contracts/dApps to which you have contributed code.