Selected Residents of our collaborative co-working community in the heart of SOMA.


Secureware is a security and operations firm dedicated to improving the security capabilities and practices of the blockchain ecosystem to enable the long-term growth and adoption of decentralized technology. We believe in the potential of this technology to have massive positive impact on our world and we contribute by filling in gaps in the space to help realize that potential. Our practices include support for secure software development lifecycle, performing security assessments, technical advisory, and development of tools for the secure and efficient operation of blockchain networks.

Nomad Science

Nomad Science is a custom software shop and research unit for the design and cultivation of high-impact distributed cultures. In addition to goofy, top-secret mischief, our passion lies in the practical advancement of two core social technologies: dynamic contextual feedback systems and federated shared-ownership structures.


Swap is making cryptocurrency more accessible and easy to use for people and businesses. We are building applications and APIs to allow businesses accept cryptocurrency.


Stentor is building blockchain platforms that empowers businesses and individuals to tokenize and trade digital assets.  

Whyza is the world’s future lifelong educational blockchain certification engine.

Establishing a single source for educational progress, providing an open source platform where education is tied directly to improving the core platform. Structured in a micro service architecture, it allows contributions to our site in any language. Contributors will be rewarded  with Whyza tokens that will be critical in our decentralized network. Education will be equally accessible, affordable, certifiable, and translatable to every part of the world.


Token Relationship Management ("TRM”) is a platform that gives token issuers the tools they need to understand their token holders and grow their network through. Think Google Analytics + Salesforce for blockchain companies. TRM composed of three parts: (1) analytics tools to measure on-chain and off-chain KPIs (e.g., token holders over time & community sentiment analysis); (2) community management tools to manage relationships (e.g., scheduled Telegram messages); and (3) SmartDrops, easy and compliant airdrops to grow the community.

Token Relationship Management ("TRM”)

Pure Knot is a public relations and communications agency located in San Francisco and New York. We are a dedicated team of public relations pros, marketers, technical writers and storytellers passionate about doing our part to create a decentralized economy. Pure Knot partners with blockchain, cryptocurrency and emerging technology organizations and startups to guide them through milestones including company launches, product announcements ,partnerships, funding announcements, and ICO/token sales, as well as building a long-term thought leadership foundation through research-based content.  We bring almost two decades of experience in Silicon Valley, working with bleeding edge startups in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrency, Big Data, enterprise technology, AI and groundbreaking consumer tech. Current blockchain clients include Bitmain, and Embleema.

Pure Knot

SF Etherum Meetup is a public forum blockchain enthusiasts and developers, specifically covering topics around and about Ethereum. This 2300+ person group hosts an array of events ranging from self-guided and community led learning to showcasing cutting-edge Ethereum-based projects and is a staple of the Starfish Mission community.

SF Ethereum Meetup

Blockchain for Ecology is a learning laboratory for activists who want to use distributed ledger technology to restore, regenerate and replenish Earth’s ecosystems.

Blockchain For Ecology

Catalyzing Coherence create media, events and technologies that amplify meaningful signal amidst an increasingly noisy cultural landscape.

Catalyzing Coherence

Royse Law Firm provides award-winning, yet affordable, legal solutions for companies of all sizes. Our experienced and friendly team is here to help.

Royse Law

Embleema is the patient-driven healthcare blockchain network for secure sharing of medical records.


Lumeos, built on EOS, is the first decentralized infrastructure for data sharing enabling users to own and monetize their data across the internet. Our mission is to be the Paypal for online data sharing. Thier first product, Lumeos App, is a decentralized mobile app where users can connect their EOS account to their basic social data like age, gender, and location. In the app users can see all available polls to vote on, and are incentivized with LUME tokens to vote on various topics of interest. We are also developing an SDK that embeds these polls onto any website which enables users to share anything, anywhere and profit from it.  Lumeos is backed by a team of top tier talent from Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM as well as advisors from Everipedia and Civic.


Blox Crypto Assets Management Solution is an optimal secured cloud based solution, aggregating real time data from multiple exchange accounts and wallets into a single platform. Blox unified solution provides accounting and reporting system to remove the risk, uncertainty & doubt for organizations managing crypto assets.

CoinHub is a professional grade cryptocurrency quote platform that delivers real-time statistics, news and international currency flow information when you are on the go.


BUIDL Resources is the incubation resources arm of Starfish Network. BUIDL resources strive to develop new methods of incubation and builds collaborative community networks. 

BUIDL Resources

Cowri is a protocol for using stablecoins. No one wants to manage multiple stablecoin balances. Cowri abstracts away this complexity and allows users to interface with a unified currency.


Stentor is building blockchain platforms that empowers businesses and individuals to tokenize and trade digital assets.  


Tavonni is a Creative Technology agency that offers software development and consultancy services to organizations across industries helping them adapt to the digital shift by taking advantage of the benefits of blockchain and adjacent technologies to create efficiency gains, extend existing products and services or to completely reinvent an existing business model from the ground up. Founded with the mission of delivering strategic, affordable innovations for positive change. Tavonni takes care of painful migrations to new and future technologies, to enable the business of tomorrow.


Our current projects include a Permissioned Blockchain Voting Platform, Collectable Cold Storage Cryptocurrency Wallets, AR Interface for Cold Storage Wallets, and a Monthly Cryptocurrency Subscription Service.


Mana Ventures is an early stage fund focused on investing in frontier technologies including AR / VR, computer vision, gaming, live streaming, and blockchain.  We invest up to $250k in seed / Series A start-ups. We have close ties with most top tier venture capital firms / funds, as well as strong networks in the AR / VR, gaming, and blockchain industries.

Mana Ventures

Butter is the best way to make a new friend anywhere on earth! With our mobile apps, users browse photos based on user interest, engage in conversations and eventually connect via private chat. We monetize this engagement through in-app credits, virtual goods, and subscriptions. We are currently analyzing to implement elements of our credit system and virtual goods on the blockchain to enable micropayments and gifting into our ecosystem. We know Butter presents a unique opportunity to introduce a large user base to a blockchain based economy and marketplace for virtual goods they want to buy, gift and collect.